About Us

Around A Pound MK Started in August 2010, since then we have gone through a few
changes, from a car and table to what we are now.
This page gives you a bit of information about us and how we have changed over the
past few years, we hope you find it of interest !

The Beginning

We first started doing carboot sales, with just a car and 2 tables. Originally we had around 50 product lines. This was the foundation for things to come. Already starting with various product areas such as, pets, batteries, houseware and hardware. Back then we used to do the Irish Center on a Saturday and the MK Bowl on a Sunday.Shortly after changing our Saturday sale to Finmere to broaden our
customer base.

Phase 2

Phase 2, was the birth of much bigger
things to come. Now we had our first tent and a van. With this we were able to display our stock much better, also carry a lot more product lines. We purchased some mesh panel stands and also modified the side door of the van to hold extra stock.
This was the start of a very big learning Curve, phases 3 and 4 show huge Differences.
Pictures here show different setups as
We were trying out different things.

Phase 3 was the most interesting for us, as it laid the way for big expansions.
We had to get a new van as the first one died, but this time we got a much Bigger van, this gave us the capacity to expand our operations in every way.The pictures above show our new van
and how we gradually fitted it out etc.Also now we were able to hold an extra tent, so we used two, 5x2.5m and 3x3m.Along with 11 mesh stands, the van itself was custom designed inside to
hold all the racks so they didnt move in transit. The only problem was we could
only load and unload from the rear of the van, which was not good for security or weather.
Phase 4 . This was our last major change to our
mobile shop,the addition of our trailer.
The main Reason for this was the reliance on the weather, as tents dont like strong Winds and rain. With use of the trailer it meant that we could go out in nearly any weather,
even if we didnt use the tent. The pictures show the trailer in various Stages of construction, and testing. Along also with changes in external layout under the tent.We dropped back to one tent only, as with the trailer and two tents, made the setup way to big to manage and setup in any reasonable time.During this phase and also phase 3 we Started attending Wolverton Market.
This we ended up doing three days a week. The final year there our Boss took over as manager of the market there also. We stayed at the market There for two years.
Phase 5. We are now in our first shop!

A decision was made to take the chance on a retail outlet, although more costly we can open as long as we like, for now we are open six days a Week. Although we opened in January we have been holding our own, it can only get better.
We can hold considerably more ranges Now, and also things we didnt stock Before due to the weather and space Restraints. Also more reserves which means we wont run out on many lines
as often as before.We have gone from stocking around 1200 product lines to over 2000 now,
And more coming in each week.We have expanded on all our product ranges including our stationery range.We are now also looking for new suppliers for our pet and hardware
sections as we had been restricted on
weights before.